How to download a playlist from Spotify on your mobile device or PC

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Spotify is a huge name in the music application game. The service was one of the first of its kind. Here you can read on how to download a playlist from Spotify.

How to download a playlist from Spotify onto one of your devices

How to download a playlist on Spotify

download spotify playlist, download spotify playlist to mp3, spotify playlist download

Spotify is the oldest multi-platform streaming service, which since 2008 has been offering free online music listening. Its audio library has about 30 million songs, the number of active adherents – 100 million people from 60 countries, thematic playlists – about 2 billion. In this article, you will learn how to download a Spotify playlist to listen to it offline. To download Spotify songs, create a playlist with the desired songs; Mobile users can also download the album. Moreover, Spotify music can be downloaded in MP3 format on a computer, but please note that this contradicts the terms of use of Spotify.

About the app

Developers have long been working on a system of intelligent selection of tracks. You will be offered only that which corresponds to your musical tastes and albums in the collection. Unlike its main competitors, Spotify Music will not offer what goes “past the box office,” as the familiar YouTube hosting does. Your attention will be presented only to those artists and albums that suit you specifically.
As with any developing application, Spotify provides its users with the ability to create their own collections, which are also presented to the general public. This software can be described as follows: hundreds of radio stations have gathered under one roof, which provides their listeners with only selected compositions. This allows not only to focus on listening to a particular genre but also to pick something up to your mood. You will never be limited in choice.

Listen to music offline on your smartphone or tablet

1. Download the Spotify app. Open the Google Play Store, find Spotify and download it to your device. The process of setting up an offline mode is the same for a smartphone and a tablet.

2. Create or update your Spotify account. Spotify Offline is a feature that allows you to download and listen to music without an internet connection. Offline mode is available only to premium users, i.e., subscribers to a premium plan. If you do not have a Spotify account yet, go to the Spotify website and on the first-page click “Get Spotify Premium” (Subscribe to Premium Plan). 

3. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Spotify does not recommend downloading data over cellular networks, because it is quite expensive. If you cannot do without a cellular network, open the settings and select “Download using cellular.”

4. Create a playlist. Go to the “Your Library” section, which is at the bottom of the application screen, click “Playlists,” click “Edit,” click on the white plus sign, enter the name of the playlist and click “ Create.” Put the songs in the playlist; To do this, click on the “Options” button next to the desired composition, then click on “Add to playlist” and select the name of the playlist.

download spotify playlist, download spotify playlist to mp3, spotify playlist download

5. Download the playlist. In the mobile application, go to the “Library” page and select the playlist, songs, artists or albums you want to download. Above a song, playlist, artist, or album, find the “Available Offline” slider; move it to the right. 

download spotify playlist, download spotify playlist to mp3, spotify playlist download

6. Activate offline mode. When the music is downloaded, go to the “Your Library” tab at the bottom of the screen and click “Settings.” Select “Playback” and move the “Offline” slider to the right. The slider will turn green, indicating that the offline mode is on.

download spotify playlist, download spotify playlist to mp3, spotify playlist download

If you leave the Wi-Fi coverage area or activate flight mode, the device automatically switches to offline mode.

How to download spotify playlist to mp3

Firstly, Spotify is optimized for listening to audio in streaming mode, and secondly, you can download songs only from a premium account. And that, let’s say, is not always convenient.
To solve this problem, for example, if you can download Spotify playlist free and listen to music from Spotify only in offline mode or only from a device that does not support streaming audio, then you have to look for alternative options. 
One such option is the popular video recording software tool of Movavi screen capture studio. Of course, it is intended, first of all, for recording and editing video from computer screens and mobile devices, but the functionality of the program allows you to record sound with it. Moreover, with no less success, including music files from Spotify, and even with their subsequent conversion into good old MP3.
And now we will tell how this can be done.

So, download Spotify playlist to mp3

1. Download and install the application Movavi screen capture studio

download spotify playlist, download spotify playlist to mp3, spotify playlist download

2. Set up a record
In its current form, Movavi Screen Capture studio allows audio recording from two different sources: system or microphone. Through the recording function of the system sound, you get the opportunity to record the sound coming to the speakers of your PC / Mac, smartphone or tablet, in particular music, video sound, system sounds, etc.
That is, using the same function, you can write music from Spotify, both from the online player and from the client.
For example, take the browser version of the player. Just open the Spotify website and find the desired track in the catalogue. Next, launch Movavi Screen Capture studio, turn on Screen Capture in the main menu and click (or tap) on the screen (anywhere) to specify the capture area (a prerequisite).
After that, on the recording control panel that appears, turn on only the sound recording of the system sound (if the option has been turned off) and turn off the sound recording functions from the webcam or microphone (if they were turned on).

3. Edit and save
After recording the entire track, press the “Stop” button – Movavi automatically opens a window with a preview of the recording, where the track can be edited quickly (cut off the extra bits or cut the desired fragment).
Click “Save As …”, in the list of icons, select the MP3 icon, click “Save” and get your track from Spotify playlist download in a convenient and universal audio format.

In conclusion

We hope that you find our article useful. Use our instructions to download Spotify playlist to your device safely for offline listening. If you like, feel free to share our article with friends.

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