How To Download Video From Vimeo In A Few Easy Steps

how to download a vimeo video, how to download video from vimeo, download private vimeo videos

Vimeo is quickly rising to become YouTubes closest competitor. Found out how to download videos from Vimeo with this in-depth guide.

The rise of digital video has made accessing video content easier than ever. There is an absurd amount of content out there across a ridiculous amount of genres and obscure subcategories. When saving videos for later use, there was once a time when we had to use a blank tape and a VCR. Luckily, with the introduction of the internet came a slew of software and tricks to capturing content from any site and saving it to your device for offline viewing. In this article, I’m going to be focusing on the strange and wonderful world of Vimeo and show you how to download a Vimeo video for use down the line. 

There are many reasons that producers and influencers might want to host their videos on Vimeo. The site has grown significantly over the past decade and has surpassed Daily Motion as YouTubes closest competitor. With better encoding and video quality than most other sites, it does away with the backward ‘quantity over quality’ mentality to provide top-notch content. 

Also, this ties in with the general perception that Vimeo videos have an air of ‘prestige’ and a more professional feel to them whereas YouTube can be considered a video dump due to the sheer volume of trash content that exists on the platform. Therefore, it makes sense that you may want to save Vimeo content to your PC or device for consumption later down the line. Here are the 3 best ways to do so.

How to download video from Vimeo

Download direct

The first and foremost way of downloading video from Vimeo is through the site. Lots of Vimeo videos actually include a download option for saving it to your PC or device. The button is labeled Download and is usually located under the video description. Click on it and a pop-up will let you download in several formats with varying resolutions like HD or SD. 

how to download a vimeo video, how to download video from vimeo, download private vimeo videos

If the video doesn’t download after clicking on it, this could be due to your browser. In this case, right click on the download button and select Save Link from the drop-down menu. You’ll then be asked to choose the location to save the video on your device. Bear in mind this will only work with videos that have a download option, which may not be a huge amount. Luckily we’re going to show you some methods to download any video you want from Vimeo. 

Use a screen recorder

how to download a vimeo video, how to download video from vimeo, download private vimeo videos

So this is a method that can be used on desktop or mobile, but we’re going to focus on Android devices because the software is a little more sophisticated with PCs. With Android, the best solution for capturing video on your screen is to use an app like DU Recorder. With this app, you can record high-quality video regardless of what’s displayed on your screen. It’s free, stable and the video quality is smooth and consistent. 

If you’re adamant on capturing the content on your desktop, try an app like Ezvid to do so. Just be aware that with any screen recording app, it will capture everything on your screen, so make sure your recording won’t be interrupted by notifications or any other form of distraction that will take away from your final recording. Also, remember that your video will only come out as shard as your playback. So if your video quality is compromised because of a slow connection, you may be better off trying to download it. Read on to find out how.

Convert the video online

how to download a vimeo video, how to download video from vimeo, download private vimeo videos

Much like there are multiple tools to download YouTube videos online, the same exists for Vimeo. ClipConverter is the best choice we know of to download private Vimeo videos without having to source software. It’s an easy process and takes little time. 

Step 1 – When you reach the homepage, paste the URL of your video into the text field at the top of the page. 

Step 2 – Choose between MP4 or MOV formats for your newly downloaded video then press continue. After this step, choose your video quality from the options provided. 

Step 3 – At the bottom of the page, click Start and the video conversion process will begin. It should only take between a few seconds and a couple of minutes depending on the length of your video. Once it’s all converted, hit the download button and you’re good to go. 

Bear in mind that there’s no guarantee in using online converters like these. As with YouTube converters, they can on occasion contain malware and intrusive ads, so take this advice with a grain of salt and be cautious not to click on anything you shouldn’t. Looking for the safest way to download Vimeo videos? You’ll need to use a dedicated app. Read on for the best solution.


how to download a vimeo video, how to download video from vimeo, download private vimeo videos

This app has been downloaded more than 500 million times in the past 5 years and is the go-to piece of kit for saving videos offline from nearly anywhere on the web. Use Vidmate to download videos from Vimeo, DailyMotion, YouTube, Facebook and much more. The app stands out from others for its huge array of features and ease of use. You can also stream from within the app and search for videos internally without ever having to open YouTube or similar sites. 

Vidmate is 100% free to use and has a solid reputation among Android enthusiasts and movie buffs. It’s not available on the app store so you’ll need to grab the apk version – it only takes 1 minute!


Vimeo is one of the good guys, with a huge selection of videos, particularly ones that get flagged from YouTube for containing sensitive or offensive content. This is part of what makes Vimeo so great. Raw, unfiltered media exactly the way it should be. So the verdict is out. There are a few ways to download content from Vimeo, but the safest bet is to use software like Vidmate to ensure high-quality downloads. Hopefully, this article on how to download Vimeo videos has served you well. Now get out there and start downloading!

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