How to save photos from Google Photos – Download pictures for free

how to download photos from google photos, download all google photos, how to download all photos from google photos

Here is a handy guide on how to download photos from Google Photos and how to use Google Photos. Quick and easy ways to get those desired pictures or store them away.

What Is Google Photos? How to Download from Google Photos?

So you’re a photographer or maybe you’re just someone who likes to take a lot of pictures. Sooner or later there will be a time when you will run out of hard drive space. This is something that not many people have had to face in the past as the quality of images was pretty low at that time. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your hard drive to store tons of images. But now, with the advancement in technology, the quality of pictures are getting higher and higher. Unfortunately, the price for a high capacity hard drive is also pretty high. So what is the solution for people who take a lot of pictures but don’t have enough space to contain them? If you’re in this situation, maybe Google Photos is something you should try.

What is Google Photos?

how to download photos from google photos, download all google photos, how to download all photos from google photos

Back in the day, Google used to have a platform called Google+. The platform failed pretty hard and was shut down by Google in 2015. From the shutdown of Google+, Google Photos was announced. The platform allows users to store a wide variety of media and let the users share them with anyone they like. The platform is a perfect place to store backup media data as Google let the users store an unlimited amount of data on the cloud service, providing that the users have to follow some rules. There are two options for every single picture or video uploaded to the platform: the high quality or original quality. For the high-quality option, the quality of the image will be reduced down to 16 megapixels if the quality is too high and the video’s resolution will be reduced down to 1080p. All the images you upload to the platform will be analyzed by Google and will be grouped and listed in three separate categories so you can look them up more easily in case you need them. The three categories are people, places and things.

The platform also has many other forms of machine learning as well. The computer can recognize the content of the photos you upload on the platform, automatically create albums for the users. Similar photos can be grouped together to create a quick video. The advancement in technology also allows the service to provide suggestion on filters to improve image clarity and quality. Not too long ago, Google also announced the ability to share entire photo libraries between users and create physical albums from the contents you update
Ever since the introduction of the service, many concerns were raised about privacy and Google’s motive. However, many people like this service as it allows people to back up many important media. Back in 2017, Google announced that every day there are approximately 1.2 billion photos uploaded to the platform every day with more than 13 petabytes of storage.

How to download photos from google photos?

For mobile users

The process is pretty easy as Google Photos will automatically upload the images and videos you have on your device and upload them on the cloud. To download a picture or video that you want, simply press on it then press the options button on the top right corner of the media. Tap on the download button and the media will be downloaded. But what if you need to download multiple media or download all of them? It’s also very simple. Long press the media to go into selection mode. After that, just tap on the other media you want to download or swipe right on them to select an entire row. Once you are done selecting, press the share button then choose download.

how to download photos from google photos, download all google photos, how to download all photos from google photos

For PC users

In order to download media files from Google Photos. You have to open the website on your browser first. After that find the image/video that you want to download, click on the little check mark on the top left of the video/photos and click on the options under the bookmark bar and chose download or press Shift+D. For downloading multiple files on Google Photos, you can click the check mark on each of the files you want to download or hold Shift and click to select multiple media files at once. Once you’re done selecting them, either click the download button or press Shift+D.

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Google + was a pretty huge, and funny, blunder. We have no idea what they were thinking. The thing was horribly designed and the use of the platform seemed totally unnecessary. Thank God for mistakes. Google learned that they were heading in the completely wrong direction. Someone took charge and changed the direction of the ship. Google Photos is a great way to save and back-up those precious pics that you bled and sweat for, camera in hand. Never lose your favourite memes again. Store them on Google Photos and take a trip down a comedic memory lane every once in a while. The methods above are pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Users on mobile devices and PCs can follow them to save pics from Google Photos. The service also allows users to save their pics and vids without degrading the quality to the point where it’s almost unrecognisable. Compared to other similar services it’s actually more than good. The lowest they reduce a video’s quality is 1080p, which if you can remember was the best quality available just a few years ago. Scary how something that was the best yesterday is sometimes not good enough for us today. 

And that’s about it, the methods mentioned above are methods on how to download from google photos. If you like this article and found the content of the article useful, feel free to follow us for many more upcoming articles!

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