How to stop ads from popping up on your Android device

android pop up ads, pop up ads on phone, why are ads popping up on my phone

It seems that we can’t escape advertising. Here we have a solution to rid your Android device from annoying ads. This is how to stop ads from popping up on your mobile device.

Ads and our devices

Have you ever wondered: Why are ads constantly popping up on my phone? How many times have you seen the “Congratulations you’ve won” message that takes you to some untrusted scamming site? Android especially has very annoying pop-up ads.

android pop up ads, pop up ads on phone, why are ads popping up on my phone

Sadly we have reached a point where it is impossible to go through a day in existence without seeing an advertisement somewhere. These pesky little irritations seem to be unavoidable in the technological era we find ourselves in. Whether you’re surfing the web, watching videos or using your favourite application, advertisements seem to be lurking around every corner. 

Most of the free-to-download applications bombard us with ads, in order to support the development. The one way to remove the advertisements is to pay for the application. After you subscribe to an app’s premium version the advertisements usually disappear. But, people like you reading this are probably looking for an easier and free way to accomplish this. We have the answer. 

Allow root access

There are multiple apps available that are free-to-download for Android devices. Unfortunately, these apps just don’t cut it. They do not do block all of the ads and some still sift through to your eyes. The best way to block advertisements completely would be to root your device. You should take note that when rooting your device you lose the guarantee. Gaining root access essentially means you have full control over your phone and can be compared to jailbreaking. Doing this can be a little tricky so I’ll give you some handy pointers that’ll help you out. 

There is certain applications that make it easy for us to root the device. One of the best applications that we recommend to do the job is KingRoot. The application is easy to use and free to download. After rooting the device you’ll be able to do even more than just block ads. You can remove bloatware from the device, install any application that is compatible with your device and download updates as they are released (no more waiting on the almighty Google). 

android pop up ads, pop up ads on phone, why are ads popping up on my phone

Download and install the KingRoot application on your PC. Connect your Android device to the PC via a USB cable. Follow the debugging instructions and select the “Start to Root” option. It’s very important that your device has a lot of battery power left because it can cause problems if your device happens to shut down in the middle of the process.

Benefits of rooting a device

There are multiple benefits to rooting a device. I’ll state them shortly here: 

  • Like mentioned shortly above you gain full control over your Android device. You can now remove the unnecessary applications that came with the device when you bought it (Those that do absolutely nothing). 
  • You no longer have to wait for Google to decide when you can get an update instead, you can download them as soon as they release. 
  • Download kernels that speed up your device or save on battery consumption. 
  • Custom skins can be installed that changes the way your Android OS looks. There may even be some extra functions or new interface that you can pick according to your liking.

Why you might want to avoid rooting

Rooting has some downsides and dangers when it is done so be very careful and do your share of research. 

  • Some countries have made it illegal to root your device, make sure what the consequences are in your region before considering it. 
  • Warranties can become void after you rooted the device. Check your warranty and the time it is valid when you root a device and decide for yourself if you want to risk it. 
  • “Bricking” your mobile device is possible if something goes wrong in the process (The term bricking is used because your device becomes as useful as a brick). In short, this means you break your phone, make sure you know exactly what to do or have someone that knows what they are doing help you. 
  • If you don’t install protection measures and keep your apps and system updated you’re very vulnerable to cyber attacks and viruses. Do your research on what apps to install for protection and read up on how to maintain your apps to keep your device protected.

Blocking Advertisements

If you’ve considered the pros and cons of rooting and you’re up to it you can move on to the next step. After rooting your device you’ll need to download an application that will block the advertisements. The app we recommend is Lucky Patcher which is free to download for Android devices. Remember to allow the installation of third-party applications in your settings. 

android pop up ads, pop up ads on phone, why are ads popping up on my phone
  1. After the app is installed you can open it and see all the installed applications on your device. Select the application that you want to remove the ads from and a small menu will appear on-screen. 
  2. Click on the button labelled “Open menu of patches”. There will be an option that will remove the ads. 
  3. Now there will be more options, you can just select the option that reads something in the line of “Patch to remove ads”. 
  4. Lastly you just apply the changes and boom! The ads will no longer appear on the application that you removed them from. 

Finally! There is a way to escape the relentless advertising business. Remember the risks of rooting your device and follow instructions carefully when attempting this. The result if executed correctly is worth it in the end. You now have the power to work around the senseless ads and can play games or use general apps without staring at ads every few seconds. Take control of your device and the way you live your life by freeing yourself from the grip of mainstream advertising. 

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