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Today, listening to music on devices like Android is no longer a strange thing, especially for young people. So, get your favorite songs with the following free music downloads apps on Android.

Music is one of the most magnificent inventions of humanity, and it has developed throughout the history of society. Until today, music has been an indispensable element for us and enriches our daily life. 

A concert or a song can easily bring us relaxation or pleasure. Moreover, music can even activate the inspiration for work or creation.

We like to enjoy music anytime and where we can. This way it would be better to download music to your mobile device for listening without Wifi. For Android users, like Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, etc., it’s not difficult to download music. 

In the market these days, there are a significant number of apps for music such as mp3 music apps, music cutters, music editors and music making apps. In this article, we will provide you with popular apps for downloading music to your Android devices for free.


music apps free download for android, mobile apps, music download paradise

Music Download Paradise allows you to search the music database easily thanks to the simple interface. The interface is extremely easy to use, there is only one search bar, download list, and library. You can listen to music online or download music files so you can listen whenever you want. 

Tones will appear with a music player widget like any other music app and you can transfer the downloaded music to your tablet or laptop.


RockMyRun allows you to download music or save it to the cache in ‘hidden’ mode for later playback. Apps provides an excellent mix of playlists for perfect background music. You can combine the user’s BPM (heart rate measurement with the phone) to find out what your heart rate is. 

In addition, you can also filter the long list of available apps to suit your preferences or use the myBeat feature to automatically change the melody to suit your current situation as well as your current mood. What’s better than building a custom DJ mix music to fit your own music style?


Download Manager for Android is one of the most popular Android applications of its kind. Although it’s not built specifically for audio, MP3 downloads are still a  breeze in this free app. There’s a dedicated music section for finding the songs you want, and notably its remarkable speed. 

The provider claims it can download files three times faster than other applications. It also comes with its own web browser and music player capabilities. This is a great app and it’s all encapsulated in a free music download app.


music apps free download for android, mobile apps, advanced download manager

Advanced Download Manager for Android is a download manager for Android devices. You can download documents, games, zip files, songs to your phone and tablet easily and quickly.

With the help of this tool, users can perform up to 3 downloads at a time. At the same time, due to the use of up to 9 threads at the same time, this program performs faster and smoother downloads.

Not only that, app is quite smart. It can receive download links from a web browser and clipboard it on your phone or Android tablet.

That beside, this program offers its own icon system to distinguish between download processes: complete, in progress or in queue. You can track the entire download process visually by looking quickly at the notification bar.

In addition, Advanced Download Manager allows you to back up download lists and settings of the program to external memory cards on your Android device. This feature makes it easy for users to restore the operation of the program in the event of a problem with the phone memory.

It can be said that this download support program is fully functional as a similar program on the computer. Users can customize the sound notification or choose to vibrate the phone every time a download is complete. 

Similarly, you can also restore the download process after reconnecting to the Internet or when the program restarts. Not only that, Advanced Download Manager supports users to organize different file types into their own folders.

Moreover, the app has a built-in web browser for sites that require login to download files, as well as provides a scheduler tool available for file download operations.


music apps free download for android, mobile apps, soundcloud

SoundCloud is a totally unique application that allows listening to music offline. Any artist can upload their work to SoundCloud for others to enjoy. The service is currently hosting 125 million playlists and offers a variety of programs.

The free version lets you listen to music from almost any free artists. Paid version supports many popular artists. Most users choose SoundCloud to find new, independent street artists.

SoundCloud is a social music interactive service that anyone can share and listen to for free. If you are used to some of the most popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you’ll find Sound Cloud the same, only the service specializes in music and was developed for music lovers in general.

SoundCloud is a large music social network with millions of global users. You can explore and use SoundCloud in a variety of ways, but here are three of the most common:

  • Track users to discover new music. When you click on any username, you will access their profile to see what they have posted and related playlists. 
  • Following any user means that you will interact with them the same as on Facebook or Instagram, update new songs they share on their Personal Feeds, click Like, comment and post again if desired.
  • Create custom playlists. When listening to a great song, just touch the 3 dots icon to add it to the playlist individually. The number of playlists is unlimited, can be set up publicly for everyone to enjoy or private you manage.

Start a new music channel to listen to similar tracks. When you do not have the time or patience to pick each track in the playlist, just touch 3 dots on any track to create a new music channel with similar tracks. Users can access the closest channel from their profile.


Radio Player by Audials is one of the best ways to download free music on Android but this is a bit unusual. Although you can download multiple versions with Radio Player by Audials, they all come from the radio.

Radio Player by Audials boasts of tens of thousands of radio stations from many countries, looking for radio stations and starting to record. This is a well-rounded, well-designed app with great detection features, EQ controls, and Chromecast support. 

In addition, Radio Player by Audials allows scheduled recording to automatically save great music from your favorite stations. This is the best app for music and it’s free.

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