The 10 Android Board Games That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Amazing Android Board Games, Board Games, Adroid

Board games are great for your work breaks, especially the digital versions. This article is a must-read to keep you updated with a list of the hottest Android board games.

A 10-minute break at work is important to help you maintain productivity. During this time, one of the most common leisure activities you can do is gaming on your smartphone.

But what if genres like RPG or shooting games will take you longer than an hour to finish just one level? Don’t worry; board games can solve this problem for you. They have incredible graphics and addictive short tasks.

On top of that, many board games offer 2 player mode, meaning that you can enjoy them with your friends or colleagues during break time. In fact, board games not only are a great choice for adults but also promote kids’ development. 

There are two popular platforms that you can use to play digital board games: iOS and Android. This article will focus on the best board games on Android, to provide the features that will make you love the games.

Top 10 Amazing Android Board Games

Tsuro – The Game of the Path

Top 10 Amazing Android Board Games, Tsuro, The Game of the Path

At the beginning of Tsuro, you will be surprised by how simple the gameplay is. The main goal is to challenge other players to see whose dragonstone can finish a whole path first.

You will take turns in choosing and placing tiles in front of your stone. The tiles will draw paths for the stone to move on. Since the paths are not always in a straight line, you may crash into the other stones, resulting in a Game Over.

And be careful, the other players can mislead you with their choice of tiles. The good news is, it works the same way for you, too. So pay attention, and with a little patience, you can win this tactical board game!

Monopoly Bingo

This game will bring you a new Monopoly experience. Say goodbye to the classic board game mode and try out the bingo-style with the Monopoly rules.

Instead of rolling the dice, you will use bingo balls to get new numbers. If the numbers are on your card, circle them and determine your next move. Enter the beautiful virtual world of your favorite properties and collect your fortune.


Top 10 Amazing Android Board Games, Scrabble mobile, board games

Scrabble is amongst the best board game Android apps that let you connect and play together with friends around the world. You can have a quick match online in an instant.

Want to practice your skills more? Tap the single-player mode and compete with the AI to learn how you can improve yourself. In every game mode, there is an AI assistant who will amaze you with words you may have never heard of.

Moreover, there is an in-game dictionary to support you in learning new words.

Real Carrom 3D

Real Carrom 3D is a combination of billiards and shuffleboards. This Android board game can be described as the inexpensive way to show off your pool skills.

Aim your shots perfectly to gain points and pocket the carrommen to win. The single player mode is available to help you practice. Once you feel confident enough, you can step up on the next level and challenge online players for a fun competition.


Top 10 Amazing Android Board Games, Catan, Board Games

You may have heard of Catan, the iconic masterpiece in every board game store since 1995. Now, you can play the Android version on portable devices.

Play against the AI or online players to build your empire. The game pace depends mostly on the rolling dice results. You will take care of tasks like building the roads, trading sheep for money, use the income to build more roads. More importantly, defeat the thief who is causing all kinds of troubles.

You can always resume the progress with just one tap on the screen. However, Catan has one major drawback: it will consume your phone’s battery with lightning speed!

Lords of Waterdeep

You will take the role of aristocrats and cooperate with your buddies to build your empire surrounding the Waterdeep port city. Instead of making a profit from agriculture, you will form a team of heroes and send them on adventures, complete quests and receive incredible rewards.

Cultivate tactics, level up heroes and fight your way to build the strongest empire together.

Neuroshima Hex

Top 10 Amazing Android Board Games, Neuroshima Hex, Board Games

The world of Neuroshima Hex is chaotic: you are in the middle of a war between robots and mutants that has lasted for 30 years with no certain victory. You will settle everything by using the 34 cards representing the characters, each with individual abilities.

The best and most troubling part is, you will play against an opponent on a hexagonal board. Its structure can trick you easily and destroy your strategies, making you panic.

This means that all that matters is how you will make use of the powerful card deck and how you will place the cards on the board. With a little help from the detailed tutorial, you will surely have an enjoyable time with this board game.

Real Chess

This is an Android board game that contains both the mesmerizing 3D graphics and the engaging gameplay. You can either practice with the AI through thousands of levels of difficulty, or join the online community and face the opponents head-on.

The real-time chatting feature allows you to discuss with the other player about what you’ve learned from each other during the game, along with many other things.

You can select a point of view to see the game better from different dimensions. There is also a 2D board if you’d prefer the original chess games.


It is safe to say that the digital version of Istanbul is a perfect adaption of the vintage board game of the same name. You are a merchant who is competing with the opponents to collect gems.

The more gems you have, the more benefits you can get from trading them. Increase the capacity of your wheelbarrow, or gain special abilities to take the advantage against the enemies.

Ticket To Ride Pocket

Top 10 Amazing Android Board Games, Ticket To Ride Pocket, Board Games

Another adaptation from a hit board game. Get ready to conquer the railways across the US with your cards.

Select the right cards to gain points and build railway routes that connect the cities. You will start out with small towns, then make steady progress to expand to the big cities, and finally your ultimate goal: the whole country.


Some games in this list above are inspired by real-life board games, while others have fantasy factors. They are suitable to play during your short breaks or enjoy a long game with your friends in your free time.

What are you waiting for? Head straight to the online app store and get a game or two for your phone!

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