Watch And Download HD Movies With These 10 Amazing Apps On Android

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If you’re looking for movie apps to download on your Android device, this article can help you. These top 10 amazing apps will bring you the best experience.


When you want to watch movies on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will usually have to use movie streaming or downloading services. These services may cost a lot of money, or the movies that you like are not yet available on the platform.

Even if you can download the movies to your device, the storage space will soon be fully packed, making it slower for your device’s system to load the movies. All these problems create the reason why you should use movie apps for Android.

Get ready to immerse in the virtual world with these top 10 apps for watching movies on Android. With these apps, you can watch the movies comfortably together with your family or friends.

The Top 10 Movie Apps For Your Best Experience

Crackle – Movies&TV

Crackle is the most popular movie app on the market. You can stream movies and TV shows online. The app is developed by Sony Entertainment, a veteran in the industry. Crackle makes sure to maintain a stable Internet connection, giving you crystal clear video quality at all times.

You can find all the hottest movies and serial shows by typing keywords on the search bar. The resolution can be adjusted to work well with your device. From action-packed movies for anyone who likes thrilling adventures to family-friendly animations, everything is on Crackle.


Showbox is one of the best Android movie apps that everybody can use. It has a simple interface that is easy to understand, which means it is suitable for people who don’t use technology often, for example, elderly people.

You can navigate the controls quickly with the control panel to adjust the screen resolution, volume and so on. Blockbuster movies, popular TV series, and reality shows can be found on Showbox.

This app allows you to stream movies and videos online from other third-party websites. The 4K and HD resolution can give you the chance to immerse yourself in the cinematic world. This is your best choice if you have high-end devices.

Showbox movie app also supports movie downloading. You can save full movies to watch in your free time without any additional cost.

Mega Box HD

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Mega Box HD is a new movie app for Android that comes in a surprisingly lightweight size. This means you will have enough space on the device storage to download movies that you would like to watch later.

Once you’ve selected the movie to watch online, Mega Box HD will immediately start the show. You won’t have to wait for the long buffering process. This app supports viewing for different portable devices like smartphones and tablets, so you can watch movies on the go.

If your Internet connection is not stable, you can go to the setting bar to choose the suitable movie resolution. Mega Box HD offers the low 360p to  HD resolution.

Newest Movie HD

Once you’ve installed the movie app apk file for Newest Movie HD on your Android device, you can watch movies right after starting the app without having to register an account.

The controls are quite basic, and Newest Movie HD offers various file formats when it comes to downloading the movies. Both the streaming and downloading services are free to use.

You may end up downloading a lot of movies for your next movie night because Newest Movie HD always suggests the latest releases in a wide array of genres.

In case you are still confused about what you should watch next, you can arrange the order of the movies with certain options like Most Watched or Newest to Oldest.


watch and download movies hd apps, top movies apps on android, flipps

Flipps is amongst the best movie apps for Android free download that has received praise from a large audience all over the world. This app is compatible not only with Android devices but also TVs with 4K and HD resolution like Samsung TV and LG TV.

Sports fans and movie lovers will love to enjoy the shows on the big screen. The audio always comes in super high quality. The movies and TV shows still have crystal clear resolution and good audio when they are downloaded to the device.

Viewster – Movies, TV & Anime

Viewster movie app is best for online movie streaming. You won’t have to sign up for an account to start browsing through the rich movie contents and decide on what to watch.

The app is available exclusively on Google Play Store. It can work with web browsers like Google Chrome and Opera Browser.

Hubi – Movie Streaming and Downloading

Hubi is a great deal for the HD movie app download. Hubi has a separate server to download from multiple sources using different links. This means that the download speed is considerably faster.

The inbuilt search engine can collect data based on your keyword search history, then organize a list of movie recommendations to suit your preferences.


YouTube is no doubt the movie streaming app for Android that is famous around the world. It’s a rich source of contents in almost every language you can find. But YouTube has the copyright policy that only allows users to stream classic movies that you can’t find at the stores.

YouTube is pre-installed to the Android phones and it is by far the most convenient app for you to browse endless videos.

Big Star Movies

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This is another Android movie app that has its quality guaranteed by Google Play Store. It has an international category of movies so you won’t run out of options. Documentary films can also be found if you’re interested.

Remember to check in with the apps official site to get updated with new movie titles on a weekly basis.

Yidio: TV Show & Movie Guide

Yidio is a free movie app with the competitive features in the market. Its own search engine can help you explore the movie list quickly. You can use the search filters to find the specific titles that you would like to watch.

The navigation menu is really easy to understand. If the movie that you want is not on the list, you can send requests to the Yidio official feedback hub, and you will be notified when the movie is added to the app.


Overall, movie apps for Android can be used as reliable tools to stream your favorite movies online. Most of the apps in the market allow you to save the movies to the device storage so you can watch later.

If you have high-end equipment like a 4K or HD resolution TV, don’t hesitate to connect the app to your device and experience the cinema at home.

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